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“Fresh perspectives and critical insights I never expected.” – Wayne Valero (The Adventure Writing of Clive CusslerThe Collector’s Guide to Clive Cussler)

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The man himself, Clive Cussler, from his "Raise the Titanic" cameo.

The man himself, Clive Cussler, from his “Raise the Titanic” cameo.

Clive Cussler is the current Grandmaster of Adventure, following in the footsteps of writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Rafael Sabatini, and Alistair MacLean. Cussler’s books have so far sold over 125 million copies worldwide, and that is not even counting the ones bootlegged into China! Along with authors like Tom Clancy and Craig Thomas, Cussler helped introduce the techno-thriller genre. A brand-name author and regular on bestseller lists for four decades, Cussler redefined the adventure hero for the 20th Century with the popular and influential Dirk Pitt, Special Projects Director for the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA). The guy must be doing something right, and The Clive Cussler Adventures: A Critical Review is the first book dedicated to examine Cussler’s novels and characters. Foreword by Mike Grell.

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Want to write comics? Of course you do! And you can discover the basics in this book which shows the step-by-step process of creating a comics script and how it is turned into a finished comic book. Foreword by Dan Jurgens (Death of Superman, Booster Gold) and artwork by Aldin Baroza (Tales from the Heart, Tatters), Sergio Cariello (The Action Bible, Deathstroke), Rob Davis (Star Trek, Quantum Leap), Barb Jacobs (Talismen, Xylia), Christopher Jones (Young Justice, Parallel Man), and S. Clarke Hawbaker (NomadStarslayer: The Director’s Cut).

Features my article “Dirk Pitt: Occult Detective?” along with fantastic new supernatural mysteries and terrific nonfiction from a host of wonderful writers.