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The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes & Dr. John H. Watson Against the Moriarities During the Great Hiatus

Holmes and Watson’s exploits during the Great Hiatus are revealed in a series of short stories and novellas. These adventures include how they separately helped stop the Moriarities from starting a world war and using a legendary stone to destroy London. Also revealed are the facts behind the Giant Rat of Sumatra and Holmes’ encounter with Jack the Ripper.


      • SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE ADVENTURE OF THE PETTY CURSES: Jim French Productions (Original Broadcast: Feb. 24, 2008)

“What would you do if the person you promised to love, honor, and cherish so long as you live insisted that you had put a curse upon him?”

Sir Malcolm Angus-Burton is convinced his beautiful Egyptian wife Helima has done just that. With no one else to turn to, she asks Sherlock Holmes to prove her innocence.
Instead of refuting one curse, Holmes and his faithful friend, Dr. John H. Watson, discover two curses that may lead to one of the greatest tragedies London has ever known.

      • SHERLOCK HOLMES: A CASE OF UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Jim French Productions (Original Broadcast: March 16, 2014)

“It was that dreadful May of 1891.”

Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty are gone, but the war to stop the evil genius’ criminal empire rages on!
Moriarty’s death has triggered a plan that threatens three continents, and a mysterious government agent needs Dr. Watson’s help to solve a clue Holmes left behind to prevent this catastrophe!