Month: November 2023

October 1882. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are in the sitting room of 221B Baker Street. Holmes reads a letter. HOLMES: “’Dear Mr Sherlock Holmes, Can you… ‘eh? Come now, this is too much!  Apparently I am now a common …

“Adventure of the Tortoise Shell” on Imagination Theater!!! Read More »

Saturday November 11, 2023, is Veterans Day.  

SHERLOCK HOLMES: the Great Detective. A man obsessed with cold logic and focused rationality. H. P. LOVECRAFT: the 20th century’s undisputed master of macabre madness and cosmic horror. What if the darkness of Lovecraft’s decadent New England overlapped into the …

“Adventure of the Immutable Scourge”! Sherlock Holmes In the Realms of H. P. Lovecraft! Read More »

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