“Expiration Date” in Castle of Horror Vol. 7: Love Gone Wrong



My short story “Expiration Date” is coming back at you in the next edition of Castle Bridge Media’s popular anthology series CASTLE OF HORROR.

VOLUME 7: LOVE GONE WRONG is now available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon!

The focus of LOVE GONE WRONG is … well … love.  Familial, romantic, dedicated, obsessive … you name it. The one thing that truly unites all these love stories, however, is a misstep occurs which leads into a slide into the uncanny.

“Expiration Date” is a tale of a marriage left to sour and how even the best laid plans of vengeance involving the supernatural can go terribly awry. “Expiration Date” is also my homage to those wonderful portmanteau sixties and seventies films from Amicus Productions like DR. TERROR’S HOUSE OF HORRORS, ASYLUM and FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE.

Nope, flowers and candy aren’t going to save the day here.





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  1. […] the Crypt (1972): I love Peter Cushing and I love Amicus portmanteau movies. My short story “Expiration Date” is a tribute to both. Cushing’s performance here is heartbreaking, but the first time […]

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