I am gobsmacked and amped to proclaim far and wide that all nine of my H. P. Lovecraft adaptations and both volumes of H. P. Lovecraft’s Worlds that collects the nine adaptations have either been or are in the process of being re-issued by Caliber Comics! All feature the nifty Lovecraft Series logo seen above to show that it is part of my original series of Lovecraft adaptations. Look for the seal to know they are Cthulhu Approved!

The artwork for all nine stories have been re-scanned and the book itself reformatted to look and read better than ever.

In case you have forgotten, these nine adaptations are:

Just look at that line-up of artists! And the Dagon adaptation features a new cover by artist Sergio Cariello!

Along with the release of Shadow Over Innsmouth in 2020 there is a total of 10 Lovecraft adaptations to choose from! And if that is not enough hard-core Lovecrafty goodness for you, let us not forget about these dark chests of wonder that are also available for your reading entertainment:



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