The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate & The Art of Sherlock Holmes

The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate & The Art of Sherlock Holmes

Are you ready for The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate coming up this Saturday May 25? I hope so, because I’ll be defending the classic 1959 Hammer Studios adaptation of The Hounds of the Baskervilles and I could use your support!

Have certain Sherlock Holmes adaptations gone too far? We’ll find out as 25 Sherlockians defend such films and television programs as the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes series, Young Sherlock Holmes, The Great Mouse Detective, Sherlock, and Elementary.

It’s all part of the celebration of the release of the new illustrated anthology The Art of Sherlock Holmes: West Palm Beach from MX Publishing, the world’s largest Sherlock Holmes publisher. This anthology features my Sherlock Holmes pastiche “The Case of the Petty Curses” with an original illustration by Robert St. Croix. (See below for a peak of Robert’s awesome illustration.)

The Debate as wells as the AOFSH book are raising funds for some great causes as well as helping to broaden the appeal of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works to new audiences.

The Event

May 25 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm GMT+1

Join us for a special Sherlock Holmes event being hosted from Undershaw, the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and now the home of Stepping Stones School. One hundred guests will join us in person with 400 additional tickets for fans to join online from around the world – online fans will be able to participate in the debate by live chat.

The event is available through one of its headline sponsors, Zoom, so you can join the Debate from anywhere in the world. Tickets range from £2 (approximately $2.60 USD) to have a go at the Sherlock Holmes raffle (see below), £5 (approximately $6.50 USD) for an online Debate ticket via Zoom, or £10 (approximately $13 USD) for a seat at Undershaw to personally join in all of the action.

All times are Greenwich Mean Time +1:

6.45pm – Welcome and intros
7.00pm – The Art of Sherlock Holmes
Live from the Ann Norton Studios in West Palm Beach. Meet the fifteen artists that created incredible pieces of new Sherlockian art for The Art of Sherlock Holmes anthology and get an exclusive LIVE first look at their art.
7.30pm – The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2019 – “Have We Gone Too Far?”
Sherlock Holmes holds the world record for the character portrayed most on the silver screen – but have we gone too far? Sherlockian experts from around the world have 90 seconds to defend a particular Sherlock adaptation. Besides myself there will be Lyndsay Faye, Bonnie MacBird, Amy Thomas, Mattias Bostrom, Jay Ganguly, Mary Platt, Dan Andriacco, Derrick BelangerJanina Woods and many more.
8:15pm – “The Deductionist” Performing Live
Ben Cardall is the United Kingdom’s leading deductionist and will be performing live. Anyone who has seen Ben in action will know that it is impossible to guess what treat he will have in store for us – except that it will be amazing.
8:30pm – Sherlock Holmes Raffle
Prizes include:
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