Steven Philip Jones at MSP Comic Con!

I am going to be at MSP Comic Con in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Will you?


If you are, be sure to visit my table. I’ll be selling my books, graphic novels, prints, and CDs, along with a free mini-print giveaway, as well as giving away free candy. I’ll be sitting next to the super-talented and uber-friendly Christopher Jones again, but be sure to check out my buddy Mark Stegbauer’s table for his awesome prints and hot-off-the-press copies of his super-cool new comic Ghoul Scouts!  Also be sure to swing by and ask about the Sportability of Iowa adapted sports program.









Adapt! Overcome! Sportability of Iowa is a nonprofit organization that provides sports and recreation programs to help people with physical disabilities enjoy an active lifestyle. Basketball! Tennis! Sport camps! And more! Interested? Yes, I know MSP is a Minnesota con, but adaptive sports knows no borders, so please feel free to stop by my table to find out more or check out the Sportability of Iowa website!



Everybody loves free stuff, and free stuff doesn’t get much better than this mini-print featuring my teenage-sort-of-vampire-superhero — yep, you heard that right — Vanguard by Christopher Jones, artist on the upcoming new series Also Known As as well as such DC Comics as Young Justice, Batman Strikes!, Batman ’66! Don’t say I never gave you anything, because I’m trying!



I’ll be selling copies of many books including the mystery-adventure King of Harlem, Young Adult fantasy-adventure Talismen: The Knightmare Knife , and Comics Writing: Communicating with Comic Books, as well as several graphic novels, including Curious Cases of Sherlock Holmes, Talismen: Return of the Exile, Dracula, Worlds of Lovecraft, and Nightlinger w/Vanguard. There may never be a better time to start building that SPJ library!

covers montage



I’ll be selling prints at MSP! No, I’m not an artist — I wouldn’t keep something like that from you — but each print does feature either a character or a series I created, adapted, or have written a proposal for, such as these three prints for Worlds of H. P. Lovecraft by Octavio Cariello.


I’ll also be selling prints featuring my masked mystery man and knight-errant against the supernatural forces of darkness, Feril Nightlinger, from the Caliber Comics series Nightlinger (a.k.a., the guy on the left side of this website’s banner). The first print is by Christopher Jones and shows Feril having a little one-on-one time with a certain Dark Knight, while the second is by S. Clarke Hawbaker (Nomad) and shows Feril having a little one-on-one time with a really creepy but cool statue:


Speaking of Clarke, I’m offering three more prints featuring his artwork. The first is a piece for my science fantasy series Bounty Hunters from Mars. The second features an original Warlord piece that accompanied a story proposal Clarke and I pitched to DC Comics back in the day for this great Mike Grell series. The third is a panoramic piece showing the rebirth of Vanguard:


Finally, I’m super excited to be able to offer two Talismen prints by series co-creator Barb Myers (formerly Barb Jacobs). The first presents most of the series’ main characters, while the second presents a pivotal scene from the currently out of print fourth adventure, Talismen: The Boy in the Well.


And, listen up! Barb is the creator, writer, artist, colorist, and letterer of the award-nominated Romantic fantasy webcomic series Xylia Tales. Do yourself a favor, click the link, and check it out!



Numbers are limited! I’ll be selling CDs of my Sherlock Holmes pastiches “Adventure of the Petty Curses” and “A Case of Unfinished Business.” These are full-cast professional audio dramas produced by Jim French Productions and broadcast internationally on Imagination Theatre.  Each production features the incomparable John Patrick Lowrie as Holmes and Lawrence Albert as Dr. John H. Watson!



That’s everything! I don’t know about you, but I wait all year for this con, and it’s hard to believe it’s almost here! So rather you’re looking to buy or just want to stop by and say howdy, or just want to pick up some free candy, I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at the show! See you there!


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