Nightlinger in “Occult Detective Magazine” & Angel Neighbours in “Dracula Beyond Stoker”

Face Front, Everyone!

It is time to share the news about two of my stories that are now available for order! The first features my mystery man Feril Nightlinger and the second features my new kinda-sorta occult detective Angel Neighbours.

In “Sins of the Werewolf” Feril Nightlinger and his trusty assistant Mike Segretto acquire a very unusual client even by their standards.  A sin eater has been tricked into becoming a werewolf and needs Feril and Mike to help him before the next full moon.  The question is… how? “Sins of the Werewolf” is available now in the tenth and latest issue of OCCULT DETECTIVE MAGAZINE!

By the way, if you haven’t checked out OCCULT DETECTIVE MAGAZINE and you’re a fan of characters like Carl Kolchak and Carnacki the Ghost-Finder then you really ought to treat yourself and order a copy before the sun goes down today! Each issue features fantastic new and classic stories, articles, news and reviews about fictional supernatural sleuths. And if that weren’t enough this awesome magazine is edited by the talented duo of John Linwood Grant and Dave Brzeski. How is that for a pedigree?

Sketch of Angel Neighbours by S. Clarke Hawbaker.

Now let’s talk about the new kid on the block: Angel Neighbours.

Angel makes her debut in the short story “By Night She Walks” in DRACULA BEYOND STOKER #3. In this pastiche of Bram Stoker’s seminal novel, Angel has been hired to track down a mysterious woman who London’s newspapers have dubbed The Bloofer Lady (“beautiful lady”). The Bloofer Lady is abducting children from the city’s Hampstead Heath area and leaves them in a lethargic state with two slight but inexplicable wounds on their throats.

DRACULA BEYOND STOKER is a terrific new journal dedicated to celebrating and continuing the legacy of Stoker’s Dracula with new stories, insightful articles and in-depth reviews. Each issue of DBS focuses on a character or set of characters from the novel such as the Count in DBS #1 and R.M. Renfield in DBS #2A new standalone story is also published in its own edition between each issue and at least one free “bite-size” story coinciding with each new issue is also posted on the DBS website.

You can pre-order the print edition and the Kindle edition of DBS #3 featuring Angel Neighbours in “At Night She Walks” now and both will be available this November.


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