Steven Philip Jones on BLEAKHAVEN Podcast

Hey, all, the gang at Bleakhaven Comics was kind enough (or foolish enough) to invite me to join their most recent podcast:

I had a great time talking about writing comics, novels, short stories and audio dramas and reliving experiences like…

Did Tom Sullivan really read lil’ Stevie and Chris Jones a bedtime story from Evil Dead’s Book of the Dead? Heck yeah he did!

Joining me on the podcast is The Birdman and Bleakhaven writers Stanley Bostwick and Alex McCaulley. And if you haven’t checked out the great stuff Bleakhaven has to offer then run, do not walk to their website to find out more about Welcome to Bleakhaven, their anti-bullying comic Stand for the Silent, and some awesome merch!  Also be sure to check out their audio series The Tome of Daniel Blake.

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