It’s time to celebrate one of the most entertaining and impressive accomplishments in Sherlock Holmes history, one in which I’m happy and proud to play a small part.

From 1998 to 2017 Imagination Theatre was the only continuous radio outlet for Holmes adventures, originating with KIRO in Seattle and syndicated internationally as well as broadcast over XM Satellite Radio. Produced by long-time radio personality and entrepreneur Jim French and starring John Gilbert and then John Patrick Lowrie as Holmes and Lawrence Albert as Dr. John H. Watson, IT broadcast faithful adaptations of all 60 stories of the Holmes Canon (“The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”) and 128 reverential pastiches (“The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”) along with hundreds of original mystery and adventure programs.

Renowned Sherlockian David Marcum and MX Publishing, a leading publisher of Holmes fiction and related historical work, commemorate this remarkable achievement with their new anthology Imagination Theatre’s Sherlock Holmes: A Collection of Scripts from “The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” which assembles one script from every writer who contributed to this run, including my 2014 Great Hiatus adventure “A Case of Unfinished Business.”

In this adventure, the world believes Sherlock Holmes died defeating Professor James Moriarty, but the war to stop the evil genius’ criminal empire rages on.  Moriarty’s death triggers a plan that threatens three continents, and a mysterious government agent needs Dr. Watson’s help to solve a clue Holmes left behind to prevent this catastrophe.

All royalties from Imagination Theatre’s Sherlock Holmes are being donated to the Stepping Stones School, a special needs school based in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s former home Undershaw.

Print copies and Kindle copies of Imagination Theatre’s Sherlock Holmes can be ordered through Amazon.

A recent live recording of a Sherlock Holmes adventure at the Kirkland Performance Center in Seattle, WA. Jim French is seated first from left. Standing from left to right are announcer and frequent actor Dennis Bateman, Lawrence Albert (Watson), and John Patrick Lowrie (Holmes).

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