It’s October and we’re kicking off the Hallowe’en season with the graphic novel Dracula: The Suicide Club by me and artist John Ross (Dr. WhoSpectacular Spider-Man) from Caliber Comics!

But that’s not all!

My Sherlock Holmes short story “The Case of the Petty Curses” is also available now in the new MX anthology THE MX BOOK OF NEW SHERLOCK HOLMES STORIES – PART VII, ELIMINATE THE IMPOSSIBLE: 1880-1891!

“Petty Curses” is an adaptation of my original Sherlock Holmes audio drama produced by Jim French Productions and first broadcast on Imagination Theater in 2008. All proceeds from this anthology go towards the restoration of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s residence Undershaw, the home where he lived while writing The Hound of the Baskervilles. Undershaw is currently the site of The DFN Charitable Foundation for Stepping Stones School, a school for children with special needs.

In “The Case of the Petty Curses” Sir Malcolm Angus-Burton is convinced his beautiful Egyptian wife Halima has cursed him. With no one else to turn to, Mrs. Angus-Burton asks Sherlock Holmes to prove her innocence, but, instead of refuting one curse, Holmes and his faithful friend Dr. John Watson discover two curses that may lead to one of the greatest tragedies London has ever known.

Dracula: The Suicide Club, an original sequel to the Dracula graphic novel also available from Caliber Comics, collects all four issues of the Malibu Graphics’ mini-series, includes a brand new introduction by me, and features spectacular front and back cover art by Kyle Huston.

Count Dracula, King of the Vampires, is dead, but that doesn’t mean England is safe. When Dracula is resurrected by one of his faithful nosferatu, it isn’t long before bizarre suicides begin plaguing London. Scotland Yard Detective Champion Harrison suspects these deaths may actually be murders, and so do the noted occult specialist Sir John Chandos and the beautiful clairvoyant Dion Fortune from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, who offer to assist Harrison’s investigation. Their search leads them to London’s most mysterious new club and its peculiar chairman, and, as the club’s terrible secrets are revealed, Harrison and Fortune find themselves challenging Dracula and his followers.

Now that’s the way to start your Hallowe’en. If you’d like to read these horror-adventures, the MX anthology and Dracula: The Suicide Club are available on my Amazon page.

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